As a sales professional and entrepreneur, I know it is hard to deal with the failure/rejection that comes with closing more customers. I’ve had plenty of mental breakdowns because I didn’t want to deal with the possibility of getting another no. I realized I had to get over this mentality if I was ever going to hit the next level of my business/career. I also had to overhaul some of the other mentalities I picked up along the way. Here are the perspective shifts I learned which will help you to take your career and business to the next level.

You want to reframe how you think of rejection and failure because that’s where your REAL growth happens

First, let’s reframe the word rejection. Many of us including yours truly were raised to believe that getting rejected is a bad thing. When in reality, rejection is actually positive. When you get rejected, you have an opportunity to learn how you can improve your presentation, mindset, verbage ect. An initial objection or rejection can be a bridge for you to serve your prospect. If you can focus on understanding the objection, rather than trying to sell over it, you are more likely to be able to serve your client. Rejection makes you mentally stronger. Having to deal with no and refocus your mental attitude to keep you going, will make you a better person. You will get to a point where rejection doesn’t feel like rejection anymore. The key is you have to put in the repetitions like anything else. Rejection is part of the growth process, learn to see it is a positive.

Create routines, systems, and an environment which empower you

Lots of sales professionals and entrepreneurs including yours truly used to think I just get on a call without a routine of some sort. This can work inconsistently, the challenge comes when you start to get negative results. You start to go downhill fast and have no way to get your self back on track. That’s why a pre-call routine is something I heavily emphasize with my clients. A pre-call routine helps you to stay on track, NO MATTER WHAT. A pre-call routine can include turning on some music that pumps you up, affirming positive thoughts, and looking at a picture that inspires you. Think about what you could do for your routine and implement before every call!

Next, you need systems to hold you together so you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off. A system by my definition is a personal roadmap you create using tools like a CRM to help make YOU more effective. There is no one right way to make your system, except for what will make you most effective. Systems say when you call prospects to maximize results and when you don’t. Systems dictate how you handle e-mail and when. Do you have systems right now? If you have to think about that for even more than three seconds, you don’t. The first step to creating a high quality system is to think about what your high priority tasks are for a given day and do those tasks before you do anything else. What do you need reminders about? What do you waste time on? How do you figure what to spend time on? These are all crucial items to consider.

Lastly, you need an environment and habits which support your success- Your work environment should be inspiring for you! I have a picture of a big party in Ibiza sitting in front of me because I want to go to Ibiza and it inspires me to grind harder. What pictures, plants, decorations can you put in your environment that inspire you? Where you live should be inspiring to you as well, even if it’s not your dream place. There’s plenty you can do to jazz your place up. Your friends are also a part of your environment so only surround yourself with people who empower you. Lastly, you need to instill the habits for success. Lots of sales professionals and entrepreneurs say they want to make $20,000 in a year, but they don’t successfully instill the necessary habits to do so. Habits like working longer, getting up early, and making more phone calls, take time to get used to. There are no overnight solutions for success in sales. There are certainly specific actions you can take to speed up your results.