As sales professionals and entrepreneurs, most of us know how important it is to manage our CRM’s effectively, yet we don’t do it. We don’t want to endure the mental grind and tedious work it takes to manage our CRM’s versus it managing us. A well-managed CRM will help you to stay on top of your pipeline, free up more of your time to do what matters and wait for it… get you closing more sales. Here’s what you are missing to go BEAST MODE on your CRM!

  • Make the mental decision that you are going to manage your CRM everyday- I know how challenging it can be to stay on top of your CRM tasks when you have a ton going on. It is very easy to push off organizing your CRM for making outbound calls or sending e-mail. You have to decide that no matter what you will MAKE the time to organize your time. You have to make the time or it will never get done. When you least want to organize your CRM, is when you need to do it most. All good things happen on the side of your biggest resistance.
  • Batch time outside of your golden hours to organize your CRM- The golden hours are times you have hopefully carved to call prospects or do other important activities. Treat organizing your CRM like any other important activity and carve out time to organize it. This means you are going to have to stay later at work or work later on your business. That’s why a lot of people slack on their CRM’s and don’t have success in general. Most people don’t want to pay the price to have success. Will you be one of the people who don’t pay the price or become part of the 1% who turn their dreams into reality?
  • Organize your CRM pipeline like your commission check depends on it, because it does. Your CRM is like a roadmap because it tells you where your follow up should be going. Make the time to prioritize your leads and you can supercharge your efforts. You can also remember what you learn from your interactions with your prospects by taking notes in the CRM. You can’t afford to wing it and say that you will remember your prospecting conversations, no matter how smart you are. We all have too much going on in our brains as it is, make your life easier and use your CRM.
  • Make sure you are maximizing the functionalities of your CRM- Most of us are trained to use our CRM’s a certain way. You may be missing out on utilizing functions that empower your growth. Make time to learn about all of the functions of your CRMs. There are plenty of online trainings and CRM specialists to ensure you understand how you can utilize your CRM effectively to make more sales. That little bit of functionality awareness could make you an extra $2,000 because it streamlines your workflow which helps you to find a new prospect that you close!

Make the decision to go BEASTMODE on your CRM and your bank account will be on BEASTMODE faster than you can imagine!

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