Hi there, I’m Lucas Barra the founder of Radical Sales Coaching. I’m excited for the radical changes you will see in your sales/income from receiving our content! I started coaching because I remember how badly I wanted my life/ sales career to go to the next level and didn’t have the accountability to do so, until I hired my first coach. My coach helped transform my circumstances. I realized I wanted to coach people like me that were sales professionals and entrepreneurs to transform their results, so I did.  Here are the 3 crucial insights you need to start closing more sales.

  1. You need to start with the foundation of who you are and why you are here– Many of us have been told by society and our friends what we are, but we don’t know who you are. For example, do you know what your values are? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? If you don’t know these things, you will always stay a mediocre entrepreneur and sales professional. When you really know who you are, you are able to connect with customers more effectively and more importantly, help them to get what they want. Let’s start with finding your values. Mine are freedom, grinding(working hard), authenticity, and integrity. Your values summarize who you are and your actions follow suit. Action- Take a moment and write down what your values are and start reviewing them daily.
  2.  Create the mindset to enjoy the process- Create is such an important word here because we are conditioned by society for that quick sale or instant gratification. When in reality, it takes time and persistence to build a sales pipeline. Most sales people get frustrated when their pipelines are moving slower or they have a poor quarter. When you have a commitment to the process, you just keep going because you know its just part of the process. To create this mindset, you must have routines and goals that will drive you to become obsessed with the process. Commit to doing whatever it takes within legal means to succeeding. No matter how many times you fail, your next sales call could start your train of success.
  3. Set up the systems to support you– Like many of you reading this, I thought I didn’t need systems. I could figure it out on the fly. Boy was I wrong. Systems refer to having specific actions you take towards the accomplishment of your goals. For example, I make 50 phone calls every morning and don’t do anything else until I’ve made my calls because it increases my results and is part of my system. I have a morning routine because it helps to get my systems rolling. Systems are crucial because they don’t allow you to slack and create the discipline you need. Creating a system takes time and patience. Too many people try to add too many things at once and end up fizzling out.

There are certain elements every successful entrepreneur and     sales person has in their system. One of which is surrounding themselves with other successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Join our Radical Sales Community Facebook by clicking here to get fresh insights, perspectives, and collaborate with people like you on closing more sales.