No one wants to admit they are reluctant to pick up a phone and call a prospect. The reality is we are all reluctant on some level to pick up the phone. Even the most successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs get nervous before making calls. The difference is the successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs pick up the phone and make their calls regardless of their fears. The successful professionals aren’t afraid to fail and figure it out along the way. While in some regard you should do your homework, be organized and so forth, those activities all get in the way of your most important task, making calls. I could give you some woo woo and upbeat advice about putting yourself in a positive state to make more calls, that’s not happening today. My suggestion for you to get over call reluctance is to walk in the middle of the street and risk getting hit by an oncoming car. Say what? Yes, making calls is like walking out in the middle of an intersection with no walk signal. You have no idea what’s going to happen, you have massive resistance, and you do it anyways because you NEED to get to the other side NOW to create the results you want. There will be times, when you get hit by the proverbial oncoming traffic of prospecting like people hanging up, saying no, and having days when it seems like prospecting is not even worthwhile. The key is to keep walking out in the middle of that traffic, while learning as you go.

Eventually you will get to the other side. However you will never get to the other side if you never pick up the phone. I understand it can be scary to pick up the phone and call someone you have never talked to. Ask yourself, what will happen if you don’t pick up that phone? Embrace the mentality of being okay with the learning curve. Remember when you were a baby? You never stopped trying to learn to walk until you walked. No one stopped you no matter how long it took you because it didn’t matter. As you got older, you got reconditioned to experience failure as a bad thing. You got told you could only fail at something so many times and then you should give up and consider yourself a failure. Time to flip that paradigm NOW! You need to experience the failure that is required for you to benefit from prospecting. Without the experience of failure, you will never be forced to get better and become the type of person who can actually come to enjoy and be great at prospecting. You need to experience losing before you win and most people don’t want to do that. That’s why they have a mediocre income and life. The successful sales people and entrepreneurs take chances, fail, adjust, and eventually win. What about you? Are you going to keep waiting on that curb with every other sucker waiting for your chance to walk? Or are you going to take a chance to see what can happen when you get to the other side?