The biggest thing holding most sales people and entrepreneurs back is…drumroll… THEMSELVES. So why do we hold ourselves back when we generally want success? It starts with our mindset. For the majority of you, this is not mindblowing because most of us KNOW what we need, we just aren’t willing to do what we need to do. At this point your justifications are going to kick start in your head, like I’m doing just fine or I don’t have “the budget” to do that marketing initiative to rationalize everything being “fine”. Let me ask you this, is everything REALLY fine? Are you really EXACTLY where you want to be? Therein lies the biggest problems our minds pose to us. We allow ourselves to get SO comfortable with where we are at, we don’t end up doing what we need to get to the next level. Guess what, your prospects are facing the same challenge, that’s why they are sitting in front of you or talking to you. The sooner you realize your prospects biggest problem is themselves the sooner you will stop bailing out of uncomfortable conversations. This is why prospects end up thinking about a purchase decision or wanting to talk it over with somebody. We as sales people and entrepreneurs have not done a good enough job helping our prospects to understand they need to change NOW! We allow ourselves to get sold on a customer not being able to “afford” our product/service when they DAMN well need it. We are the biggest reason a sale does not happen. Once you can own that, your sales are going to SKYROCKET because you will finally stop holding back in your sales conversation and life. Its great and important to have objection handlers, scripts and so forth but none of it matters if you are not willing to put everything on the line to help your prospects get everything they want. Aren’t you sick of walking away from a negotiation not knowing what is going to happen? You need to get a yes or no from your prospect NOW, not tomorrow.  It will be super uncomfortable at first when you start approaching your life like this because you have gotten so used to rationalizing for why a deal has not gotten done or why you can’t afford to do something. All of the sudden of the BS is cut out of the way and you realize its just a bunch of crap you made up to make yourself feel better. I’m not saying there is not merit in positive self talk, but there is a difference between ignorance and when you’ve done EVERYTHING in your power to get a deal done. You know the difference and it really just comes down to how you have conditioned yourself mentally.

Typically we all wait until we get hit with a brick to really put in our full effort and therein lies the biggest problem. You need to stop waiting for that moment to happen and make it a reality NOW. You need to consistently get yourself in the mindset of do or die or your results will always rollercoaster. Even when success hits, you need to stay hungry because that’s the key to maintaining success and creating even more. Some of you have probably experienced this where you have some success, take your foot off the gas, and then you get hosed because you stopped doing the work that got you the success. Stop waiting for the sky to open, make it NOW for yourself and your prospect. Here’s the key to implementing what I’m talking about, create a routine for getting yourself in a do or die mindset all the time. For example, to get in my do or die mindset, I go on a walk every morning and talk to myself outloud and say motivating things to myself like “I believe in you” and “I’m confident in you”! I basically get myself whipped up in a frenzy and found I have to do that or my mindset goes into default which is no good. So for you, what routine can you implement to get yourself whipped up in a frenzy? A few suggestions- put on music that pumps you up, look at customer testimonials, think about what you are grateful for. Your routine does not need to be perfect, you just need to get started NOW. Do not wait to act or you will always be waiting to see your potential fulfilled.