One of the biggest challenges, I hear from my clients and our age demographic that sells is being seen as “young”. In other words, potential prospects don’t take you seriously because of how you look or your level of experience. Sound familiar? Here is how you can start getting over being young with yourself and your prospects.

I said you have to start with getting over yourself first because that tends to be a bigger problem than prospects not believing us. Why? By the time we get into full cycle sales positions, we have been beat upside the head with the fact that we have to do things a certain way in life. You need to get married at this age, you need to go to this college, and have this job and yada yada yada. Basically, we are told we are not good enough to do something unless we have the “experience” to do it. While experience certainly has merit, it won’t do you any good if you are choosing to follow a path that is out of societies norms. Take for example being a first time business owner or real estate agent. These are paths where there really is no great time to get started and the only way to get experience is… to get experience. So in other words, you need to be willing to go through the muck that it takes to get off the ground. This is the wrong article to read for fluffy advice because there is nothing easy about starting with no experience. At the same token, if you know the journey is going to be challenging, you are better mentally equipped for it. Don’t buy all of this crap about people on islands doing nothing, you have to actually DO shit to earn experience. Next, be willing to “lose” or “fail tons” in the process of getting your experience. In other words, be willing to get a ton of no’s, have events fail, spend money on things you are not sure will work and everything in between. You have to experience what does not work to figure out what does work. My best lessons and strategies as a coach and entrepreneur have come from “losing”. I don’t like getting hung up on any less than you but the difference is I keep going anyways. Focus on developing your confidence and your skills, not the results you are getting. To develop your skills practice your scripts, get involved with networking associations like LeTip and Toastmasters where you have the opportunity to improve professional skill sets like presenting and pitching your services. Find like minded professionals who can help to support the growth of your skills. Sit down with colleagues who are better systems or sales people and get an understanding of how they think and act.

This bridges to confidence because it is SO important to have high quality people around who are supportive and challenge you to be your best. Be aware that it takes time to develop real confidence in your abilities. You also have to do activities to intentionally develop confidence as well like saying affirmations, tracking progress towards your goals, and gaining knowledge in your field of choice.   Be aware you are going to feel like an idiot at times and you just have to learn to laugh. You are going to feel overwhelmed and like you are on a rollercoaster that never stops at times. What’s most important especially early on is, no matter where that rollercoaster goes, you stay in the game. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT listen to the people who tell you are too young or you are not good enough, that is there own crap and has nothing to do with you. Sure you may have not experience, but EVERYONE has to start somewhere. Give yourself the permission to keep growing and learning. Right now, you may feel like this is the most challenging/uncomfortable time of your life. When you look back, you will wish you could have this period of your life all over. So, put your hands up, buckle up, and enjoy the ride of being young!