First, you’ve got to start 2018 with a marathon mentality for your goals. This time of year its extremely popular to start diets, make more sales calls, and basically “start over” because of the new year. Most people want immediate results and burn out because they don’t have the right mentality. You have to go into this year knowing its a marathon. Success is really about taking small steps towards your goals over a longer period of time.  Next, you’ve got to have a plan to help you stick to the goals you set for 2018. I’m talking an actual business plan. No I don’t mean the 20 page document entailing every aspect of your business. What I’m referring to is having an overview of where you want to go in the next year and areas you can optimize your business.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a template to create your plan? Click here to get a template to create your 2018 business plan. The key to maximizing the linked up plan is not just writing out your plan one time and being done with it. The key is to actually review your plan on a consistent basis to measure your progress towards your goals.

Then you must adapt thinking big when writing your goals and plans consistently. Thinking big means setting unrealistic measures for yourself to achieve this year. The problem with realistic goals is that you may actually hit them which brings to light one of the biggest goal setting myths of ALL TIME. Goal setting is not about setting achievable goals. Its about setting unrealistic goals that push your level of comfort. That does not mean you set a goal to make one million dollars when you are currently making 25k a year. What that means is to take what you think is realistic and go one step higher. For example, if you are earning 25k a year and you think you can hit 45k in earnings this year, what is the next number up in income you would feel uncomfortable hitting? Maybe that number is 60k? Now you may have that uneasy feeling in your stomach which is a great indicator. Real growth in your business and life comes from being pushed. Realistic goals don’t push you. Unrealistic goals force you into new levels of action which is where the real results happen. Next you’ve gotta have a vision and a why you read everyday. By why I mean a mini mission statement written out for why you are doing what you are doing. Having a reminder for why you are doing what you are doing will propel you for challenging times. A long term vision is crucial to have along with your plan so you have something to read everyday to steer your focus. Click here for a link to my vision.

Lastly you NEED structure around you like coaches, accountability partners, and professional development groups to help support your efforts. Surrounding yourself with other like minded people in a structured manner is SO important because you can’t achieve big goals alone. You are going to go through challenges and the key is to have the structure/habits around you to ride out the storms. Are you FINALLY ready to have the best year of your life? It’s up to you where you go from here.