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You are probably up to your eye balls in growing your sales and wonder if you or your organization are going to capitalize on the potential you have. You know it comes down to you to create the results you want and that can be a VERY lonely and discouraging place, especially when you have no one else you can turn to. You know if you had some proven strategies and structure it could make a big difference. That’s why I( Lucas Barra) started Radical Sales Coaching. Like you, I had no one I could turn to encourage me to grow my sales. As a new entrepreneur, that was an extremely challenging place to be. Like you, I knew that if I could get just ONE perspective or feel like I was succeeding, I could build enough momentum to create more consistent success in my business and life. Until I got the structure I needed from hiring my own coach, my business struggled. Once I saw the difference coaching made for people like you and I, it became my MISSION to ensure sales coaching could be more accessible for more newer entrepreneurs and sales professionals because coaching is not typically that accessible. Coaching can be expensive and the people who have the proven results don’t have enough time to help everyone. That’s why I’m on a mission to give you the ecosystem and support you need to generate more sales in your organization and create your dream life!

Why work with me? You get access to a proven framework that has helped numerous sales professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. You can see the testimonials of some of my clients below. You get access to practical best practices on how you can generate more of your own business so you can become less dependent on the market for business and control your income. You get a personalized game plan based around you and your needs. You get access to my approach which has helped me to be a part of over 1500+ closed sales in my career which you can utilize. The important question you have to ask yourself is, how sick are you of feeling like you aren’t achieving your potential? If you are ready to finally start accomplishing what you desire, set up an introductory call with me. You will get best practices you can immediately implement to grow your sales and start to create the gameplan you need for more success. Click here to schedule a call with me.


Get insights, strategies, and accountability for generating more prospects.


Learn how to expand your network and build more effective relationships that yield sales


Learn techniques, create processes, and track your goals so you can close more deals

About Lucas

Lucas is the Owner and Chief Sales Coach of Radical Sales Coaching. Lucas founded Radical Sales to give entrepreneurs and sales professionals like you the guidance to generate more sales and raise their income. Lucas was a sales professional in the management consulting and sports businesses fields where he was apart of 1200+ closed sales prior to starting Radical Sales. Lucas’ clients have helped drive 7 figures in revenue for each of their respective companies. Lucas unique experiences as an entrepreneur and sales professional are exactly what you and your company need to overcome your sales challenges. 

“Working with Lucas brought a new perspective to building my career. His innovative ideas are ideal for the millennials that want to excel in their line of work. He challenged me to expand my horizon and put a plan in place with helpful coaching along the way. I would recommend Lucas to anyone that is willing to step outside their comfort zone and dream bigger.” Jonathan Searle

Top Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual

“I had known Lucas as a friend long before we began coaching sessions, and although I was confident in his intimate understanding of the struggles of entrepreneurship and personal development, I was a little worried how our friendship might affect the coach-client dynamic. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism with which Lucas approached our sessions. I had the distinct privilege of watching Lucas grow as a person and grow his business, and then experiencing his ability to help others do the same. Lucas got me re-energized and refocused. Give him a chance and I’m confident he will do the same for you.” Bobby Whitney


“Work with Lucas! He gets his clients results. I hired Lucas to help me improve my sales skills, and I was able to book my first client within a week of working with him. His no-nonsense approach to getting stuff done helped me push past my hang-ups about sales. Lucas helped me get past my own personal hang-ups and blocks to start selling my services effectively. He’s not just a coach, he knows how to get more sales for my business and he took me through the exact process of doing so. Working with Lucas was the perfect thing for me to do to get more comfortable and confident about selling.” Kassy Lee

Career Coach

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