Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who is stuck with growing your sales? You seem to have hit a wall and you have no one you can go to help you break through what you are experiencing. Your parents don’t get it, your siblings aren’t on the same page and your “friends” don’t want to listen or are busy dealing with their own bullshit. So that leaves you ALONE with nowhere to turn but back to your comfort zone settling for the status quo. That is until you found this page! One of the keys to breaking through is having a group of people YOU can go to who can support you and give you advice for overcoming your challenges which is why I started this mastermind. I’m Lucas Barra, “your facilitator” and coach. Like you, I have been stuck in growing my business, and had I just turned to someone else for support rather than being stubborn about figuring it out on my own, I would have saved myself A LOT of time, money, and sanity. That’s why I started this group where you will get the opportunity to meet with a group of like-minded professionals facilitated by me once a month to break through what is holding you back! In this group, we will help you to break through your challenges and have a great time doing it! You can see the success stories of past mastermind members by clicking here. 

This is not a networking group and is focused on you getting the opportunity to work on yourself with like-minded professionals so you can grow. The group will have 6 members. The group will be composed of different professionals from non-competing industries so any private conversations do not affect the careers or lives of the people in the group. What gets talked about in the group, stays in the group. We are meeting on the third Saturday of every month from 10 am- 1 pm pacific over a Zoom video conference for now. Our first meeting is Saturday, May 15th, 2021. You can see a sample agenda for a meeting linked here. Once you attend a group meeting you will have a follow-up conversation with Lucas to determine if having you in the group makes sense for us both. The fee for attending an initial meeting is $60 so you come ready to play, you will get what you put into the group! After the first meeting, it is $500 a month to be in the group if we determine there is a mutual fit with the group.

You can schedule a call with Lucas by clicking here to learn more about how the mastermind can benefit you and see if coming to a mastermind meeting makes sense for us both.