Sales Mastermind Groups

Feeling like you have too much on your plate? Concerned about how you are going to continue to grow your business and sales, while getting yourself to do what you need to do? Being in control of your own destiny can be a VERY lonely place, especially when you have no one one else who is responsible for your results, except you. That’s why you are on this page, deep down you know there is another level of performance you and your company are capable of! You can’t quite figure out how to get yourself to do what you need to do or need different perspectives to continue your growth. That’s where our Sales Mastermind will be a GAMECHANGER for your business and sales efforts! Imagine getting to physically meet with 12 other success minded entrepreneurs and sales professionals from different non-competing industries who you can learn best practices and strategies from for driving more sales. Imagine a place where you can go to get encouragement to keep striving to build your business and connect with other like minded local entrepreneurs like you! Sounds awesome right?!

Getting involved with our mastermind group is by invitation only. Like any sort of physical group we want to ensure there is a mutual fit because our group is not for every entrepreneur. The important question for you to answer is, how much longer are you willing to put with your current circumstances and create the business/life you deserved? If you are ready to finally start making steps towards achieving your potential in your business, schedule a call with your group facilitator, Lucas Barra to learn more about how our group can benefit you by clicking here. Lucas’ role in the group is to make sure the right people get involved with the group and to provide group coaching in the meetings to participants like you. You can benefit from talking to Lucas since he can support you in creating a gameplan to start achieving your businesses goals consistently. Lucas has worked with many professionals like you successfully since he runs Radical Sales Coaching. You can see some of Lucas’ success stories by clicking here. Want to here about the benefits of being involved with the group from one of our group members? Check out the video below.


Who is a good potential fit for these groups? Ambitious millennial sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are responsible for opening and closing their own sales. Professionals who are tasked with a running a territory or building a book of business from scratch.You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and have a demonstrated track record of success for 3-7 years in sales/business. You are interested in empowering other professionals to grow their businesses. You are positive, an action taker, and coachable.