Sales Mastermind Groups

How would like you to close more sales? In our mastermind groups, you will get insights, strategies, and accountability from 12 other high level sales professionals like you from different non competing industries.You will get insights for building your book of business, strategies for approaching prospects more effectively, and structure for accomplishing your most important goals. You will get to physically meet with these professionals like you in your city. This groups purpose is to work on enhancing your sales efforts, not networking.

Who is a good potential fit for these groups? Ambitious millennial sales professionals who are responsible for opening and closing sales. Professionals who are tasked with a running a territory or building a book of business from scratch.You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and have a demonstrated track record of success for 2-7 years in sales. You are interested in empowering other professionals to grow their sales businesses.

Where is a group forming right now? There is a group of sales professionals forming right now in San Diego, California. You can apply to attend by scheduling a call with your group coach Lucas Barra by clicking here.

What’s the process of applying to be part of a group and learning about the logistics involved? Schedule a call with your group coach, Lucas Barra by clicking here to discuss what you are looking to accomplish and see if any next steps make sense for both sides.